Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Hare: Ch. 2

Well these little fleas (who sometimes called themselves the Fleablers) (no, I don't know why, so don't ask), decided that they deserved some kind of recognition for the work they did. They never ever ever (quite often) slept! Their eyes would get stuck open for days (minutes)! And WHO ever thanked them! No one (Actually, everyone did. They even named May 6th Royal Fleabler Day)!! The fleas decided that they were finally going to make their stand.
They decided to stand on each other's shoulders and make themselves as tall as they possible could until they towered over all the other woodland creatures. They only wished there were some dust mites, since they were the only creatures naturally smaller than they. Besides towering, the Fleablers didn't really have a plan. They just assumed that something excellent would have to happen once they were a full 5/16 inches tall (they would be 6/16, but Jacopo was 1/16" shorter than the other two. And then if that was so, they would have to reduce their fraction down to 3/8", and fleas are notoriously bad at mathematics).
And so they put their plan into action...
- - -

{i am so confused} - so the plan that the Fleablers had concocted inside their little Fleablers brains was to stand as tall as they could {as kelly said} and stand they did. For hours, nay DAYS! (3 and a half minuets). They tumbled into a Fleabler pile after Manly Stanley sneezed and brought down the whole gang. They viewed themselves as a Band of Brothers {not the 10 episode HBO WW2 TV masterpiece} but literally a brotherhood of Band-Aids. They ended up untangling their limbs and bringing out their Band-Aid collection.