Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cricket and the Red High Heels Ch. 1

Cricket sneezed, then wiped her nose on the corner of her bath towel. She had been stirring the bath tub with the end of a rose stem for quite some time now, trying to conjure up an adequate amount of bubbles for her bath. She was so very picky with the number of suds, which she was terribly allergic to, that she had gone though three and a half towels and was now sailing on towards her fourth.


She had accidentally put in too many suds this time and was waiting for them to die down before she hopped in. Cricket sniffled and snuffled and sneezed.
"Bless your naughty nose," Ducky said as she pawed into the bathroom.
"Thank you," Cricky replied.
"Why don't you get all wrapped up in your robe while I try to douse some of these blasted bubbles."
"That would be wonderful! Thank you!"
Crick-Snick got hunkered down in her red robe, waiting for her bath to be drawn. As she laid there, she began to drift off into sleep...


Cricket the Greyhound Ch. 4

NO she really didn't know what just happened. In fact, Cricket reviewed what just occurred in her head and began to have a panic attack, which made her hate Duck even more.

Duck on the other hand wondered why Thomas Kinkade (her idol) had run away like a noodle when she asked him for his autograph. And what did he say to her? She wished she could understand humans when they flapped their gums and sound came out.
"Oh well, it was a chance of a life time" she thought.
Meanwhile Cricket had gone into the kitchen and fetched a small paper bag. She stuck her head in it and began to try and control her breathing. Duck realized that Cricket was so completely distracted by trying to save her life that she would not notice what Duck was about to do.

Ducky grabbed a bright pink ribbon and wrapped it around the paper bag on Cricket's head so that her head was stuck inside the bag! Now, Ducky had no plans to try to kill Cricket (thankfully it was a paper bag, rather than a plastic one). She just needed to get her out of the way for a while.

With naughty Cricket's preoccupied inside, Ducky sprinted out the front door after Thomas Kinkade. She ran and ran and ran and ran and ran, but to no avail. Poor Ducky couldn't seem to find Kinkade anywhere!

But she realized that the faster she ran, the warmer the weather seemed to get. It had been an absolute blizzard when she left, but now, the flowers were bursting to life everywhere! Tulips and white daisies, green clover and maple trees. The sun popped out from behind the clouds and warmed Ducky's back as she ran.
Unfortunately, the weather kept getting hotter and hotter the longer she ran...

Cricket the Greyhound Ch. 3

A plan that would make the world spin in the opposite direction. A plan (haha i wrote plant at first) that would make pink the new green and lady-bugs man-bugs. The wind would no longer howl but meow and the roosters would crow right before bed time (im watching robin hood - and there was a rooster).
Anyways, enough about this supernatural plan that Duck was plotting. Cricket was being her naughty mischievous self placing a jar of spiders in Duck's bed and taking the best seat in the house (in front of the furnace).
Duck was quietly finishing her favorite Thomas Kinkade puzzle when suddenly a knock was heard at the door . . .
When Ducky opened the door, she saw Thomas Kinkade himself! She was so incredibly surprised! (For those of you that don't know, Kinkade is an American painter of realistic, bucolic, and idyllic subjects, which Ducky just so happened to love). Thomas barged inside, snow billowing off the shoulders of his swishy nylon jacket. He had frozen flakes of snow stuck to his beard and mustache, making him look like Jack Frost.
"Ducky," he wheezed. "I need your help."
"Meow," she answered.
"I understand," he said, running back outside and fleeing, arms flailing like noodles.
Ducky stared at Cricket.
"I have no idea what just happened."
"Neither do I," said Cricket.
Or did she...

Cricket the Greyhound Ch. 2

Ducky, unlike Cricket, did not favor her fur. She could care less about what colors she liked more. She however had a different quality that she secretly delighted in, her mittens. She had not always adored her deformity. She was made fun of in pre-school and once in middle school for her misshapen paws. It was hard to grow to like them but she was a definite fan of them now. She was able to open peanut butter jars and cough drop wrappers with great ease.
As amazing as Ducky's and Cricket's individual talents were, they weren't friends. Cricket felt like The Family was hers (and only hers!) since she adopted them first. Even though Ducky was incredibly sweet, Cricket wanted to kill her. Or at least make her life miserable. Sweet, sweet Ducky never retaliated, even though her giant mittens could have batted Cricket miles away into the ionosphere. Cricket picked on Ducky, Ducky didn't react. But Ducky was secretly hatching a plan...