Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Hare: Ch.7 The REAL End

"LET ME TELL YOU WHAT HAPPENED TO MY HEAD!" said ... (let me fill you in on a secret that is not a secret at all . . . i am not at all sure who is even supposed to be talking; i have read kelly's portion of the story 6 times and still get lost in the center of it all.)

SO, since i have NO idea who should be explaining their head trauma to whom, i will make an executive decision and say that the hare is asking Magnum what happened to his head, when in reality The Hare is the one with the broken crown and not the fearless Fleabler.

"LET ME TELL YOU WHAT HAPPENED TO MY HEAD!" shouted the Fleabler to the possibly royal hare.

Even to this day, no one is quite sure what caused the hare to faint, (which lapsed into a coma), perhaps it was the combination of the Fleablers voice mixed with the wind combing through the tall Gingerwood Grass, or the sound of the glass bottle blowers who worked in a factory across the river or perhaps it was the combination of it all, along with the bump on his very own head. The Hare's eyes froze on Magnum and rolled to the back of his head, closed and his whole body fell backward, like a falling tree. Magnum stood there shocked in mid-sentence, (which he did not finish), with his little Fleabler jaw agape.

Since then, Magnum goes and visits The Hare every day in the coma ward at the 3 Trees Hospital down by the willow bush across from Turnip's Tulip Farm. He brings fresh Gingerwood Grass in a vase every two days and reads the newspaper to his numb little friend. The doctor's say there is no hope for recovery, and since it has been six and a half years with no signs of rehabilitation or even an eye lid twitch, Magnum fears it is true. Still he remains faithful to his possibly royal friend (he still isn't sure) and because of his loyalty, other Hares have considered the Fleablers as friends more then enemies.

Two historians have since written about the The Hare and Fleabler and how their tragic story has brought together two wildly different communities. To this very day, they all celebrate the 4th of July together and even have a parade with a may pole.


Monday, March 14, 2011

The Hare: The End

(Attention: This is not The End. Dana just needs to write an Ending. Then that will be The End)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Hare Ch. 6

The Hare shot up *ba-zing!* and started spewing random facts at Magnum.
"The-square-root-of-pi-is-apple-flour-crispy-crust. Don't-look-a-shark-in-the-eyes-or-he'll-shrivel-into-salt. Bengal-tigers-have-8-toes..."

Magnum watched as The Hare's eyes got bigger and rounder and rolly-er (it is SO a word. Look it up. No, don't. Just continue reading). He was really questioning the validity of these facts, when The Hare seemed to get stuck.

"...Have-you-ever-seen-a-piano-fly? Of-course-you-haven't-don't-be-vain-vain-vain-vain-"
Magnum gave him a gentle bop on the nose with his helmet. (Don't worry. It didn't hurt. You must remember that Fleablers' helmets weigh no more than that piece of dust you see flying in the air before you now.) It weighed just enough to zip The Hare out of his repetition.

"I say!" he declared. "That was quite unnecessary. Ouch, that smarts."
"Did you become British in the last few seconds? And that did not hurt. Don't be a baby."
"Oy! 'ow dare you accuse me of bein' a baby!" The Hare still spoke in a British accent, only it had shifted from a high class British accent to a Cockney one. Or perhaps it was Australian. Magnum wasn't quite sure.
"I'm just going to ignore that. Why did you just call yourself a Fleabler? Judging from your height, fur, and badge that says 'I am a Hare, not a Fleabler', you are, in fact, a hare. Not a Fleabler."
"I never said that!" Iranian accent
"Yes you did!"
"Did not!" Southern accent
"Which one of us has that nasty bump on his head?"
"You." Sign Language
"Nice try. You're obviously not well if you keep switching languages like- Holy Macaroni!" Here, Magnum had a rather epiphanous epiphany (Look, if you keep challenging me on the words I use, we'll never finish this story. Which one of us is the writer here? Don't answer that.) The Hare must be one of a long line of Royal Bunnies! Magnum thought. The reigning family of Haredom! This might even be the prince! (Or at least a distant cousin.) Only royalty knew so many languages! (Or accents anyway.)

"I do not mean to interrupt, but what just happened in your head?" French accent. (Accen'!)
Magnum considered not saying anything, but decided that perhaps this Hare could bring peace betwixt their two rival tribes!