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Dana and Kelly takes turns posting.

In the beginning, we would each post on a chapter, then begin a new one (unless one of us [Dana] wrote a really long one, in which case, the other one of us [Kelly] started a new chapter).

Cricket the Greyhound (who is really a cat) Ch.1:
Post by Dana
Post by Kelly

Dana begins a new post entitled:
Cricket the Greyhound Ch. 2

We [Kelly] have decided [without Dana's permission, because Kelly, after all, does come from a long line of control freaks] to just post 1 full chapter a piece. No more sharing. Who likes that?

Where things get really tricky is when we begin an entirely new story.

We currently have 3 stories finished:
And 1 in progress:

We recommend, for continuity sake, to click on the tags we've listed on the right to read a story thoroughly, instead of getting confused. Or if you know what chapter you're on, you can simply click the Ch. "x" tag and go there.

Confused? We hope so.

The Skunks