Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Meerkat Minor Ch. 10

A large portly gentleman baring dark brown suspenders, a mustard yellow shirt, copper corduroy pants and no shoes. He looked down at Malcolm and squinted through a very thick pair of what Malcolm concluded to be reading glasses if for a bat. The man flashed his abnormally white teeth at Malcolm and pushed him through another dark and heavy curtain.

Malcolm found himself in the center of a very bright and very quiet stage. Before his eyes were 4 chairs facing away from him and beyond the chairs a thousand eyes stared into his fur. Suddenly, but actually not so suddenly, the far left chair lit up and began to turn, and as the inhabiter of the chair became visible, Malcolm was stunned with shock. No sneeze could even think about squeezing out of his nose he was so tense with unbelievery (yes, that is a real word, don't try and look it up).