Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Hare: Ch. 4

"Yes, Monticello," Jacopo began.
He, unfortunately never got a chance to find out what Monticello had been prepared to propose. For at that very second, a brigade of minuscule carrots began raining down on the delicate little Fleablers! They heard a fierce cackling as jet-flying, dive-bombing, carrot-flinging Rabbitteers (that is to say, bunnies in tiny jet planes) zoomed by, reveling in their attack. Never before had such a horrendous, unexpected event happen to the little fleas!
The fleas screamed in terror, watching the Rabbitteers circle around for a second barrage.
"AAAIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" they screamed in unison as the Rabbitteers' re-formed into attack position.
Amidst all the chaos, one tiny Fleabler, Magnum, heard a violent rustling in the nearby dandelion patch. He went to investigate in hopes of either quelling an attack or acquiring help against the bumbling bunnies, bitsy flea-sized heart thumped in his chest.
Ba-dump. Ba-dump. Ba-dump...

The tiny Fleabler army crawled up to the edge of the bush. The bush stopped rustling long enough for Magnum to poke his head into the bottom corner of the bush. He jumped back as the bush began the shake again. He wondered around the bush slowly gathering leaves, licking them and sticking them on to his bony little legs as disguise. Did you know that Fleabler spit is very sticky? It's like super glue, really it is. . .go squeeze a flea till his tongue pops out and wipe his tongue on something and you'll see. ANYWAYS . . . the now tribal looking Magnum leaped into the bush only to find . . .

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Hare: Ch. 3

*Now returning to our regularly scheduled programming after Dana's questionable drug use*
(way to go Dana)
(don't do drugs, kids)
(or write stories when you're not paying attention)
(and then leave your BEST FRIEND to clean up the mess)
(this is just ridiculous)
(but always practice forgiveness and move on from there)

So, backtracking, The Fleablers piled legs to shoulders atop one another, Jacopo being the highest link, seeing as he was the shortest, after all. As they towered in their 5/16" glory, The Fleablers felt like this is what they had been made for! Rather then being lone rogues, they were now one giant flea, ready to take on the world.
And then, they took their first unified step.
And, whatever Dana wrote happened(?).

As the Fleablers laid down in a tangled mess a la' pick-up-sticks, they bandaged their wounds (fleas have notoriously tender skin) and discussed how they could improve their stature. Statute? Statue. Statue!
"We'll make a statue!" they all simultaneously thought. And since The Fleablers all took a telepathy class as a group in the 10th grade, they all understood one another immediately. Not one word needed to pass from their lips.
Yes, fleas have lips.
The Fleablers began crafting their statue plan...

- - -

The Fleablers sat on their yellow fold up stools and brain stormed. One Fleabler thought it would be a good idea to sculpt a giant raisin out of ice . . . his idea got shot down. Another suggested a potato salad cook off, which, as you can tell by logical reasoning had nothing to do with what they were trying to figure out so THAT idea was thrown out the window too . . . literally {he may have broken a few tender little Fleabler legs.} Finally, after a couple other unrelated and lame ideas, one little Fleabler paw was spotted in the crowd, timidly quivering, waiting to be called upon . . .