Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cricket and the Red High Heels Ch. 4 and The End

Remembering...nothing. She couldn't remember what she was remembering. Umbrellas? Buttons? No. Frankenstein? Close. Wait. Frankincense? Fraggleshteen? Fraggle Rock! That was it! She had been watching Fraggle Rock! She was asleep now. Now she remembered.
Thank goodness, she thought. I can't handle talking to Moses anymore. That guy may have been a patriarch, but seriously!? Yikes. He could talk the red high heel off a hooker.
Wake up, Cricket. Wake up. Pleeease wake up! Before Moses realizes you're asleep and makes you stay in dream land forever! Maybe if I start running, I'll wake up. That sometimes helps, right?
Cricky started running her tiny little legs in place trying to wake herself up.
"Stop that! Stop that! You're rocking the boat!" screamed Moses.
"Wake up!!!!!!!" Cricket yelled.
She was rocking the boat so forcefully that she tipped both she and Moses straight into the river.
"Brou-ha-ha" he sputtered.
"I'm outta here!" Cricket said.
And she woke up, running in place and squeaking her little cat sounds.
I'm never sleeping again, she thought.

That resolution lasted exactly one hour, before she fell back into dream land again.

The End.