Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cricket the Greyhound Ch. 6 and The End

A giant float balloon of Snoopy. She opened her mouth but no sound came out. She was shocked. How on earth did that giant balloon get in the middle of the Rocky Mountains?! Yes . . . she had run all the way to the Rocky Mountains. She took cover behind an unsuspecting mountain goat who had been doing yoga in the sun. The goat had not seen the Snoopy balloon yet, and Duck was sure that once this "rocky" mountain goat clapped eyes on the balloon, it would have the fright of a life time. Then Duck noticed who was holding the giant festive balloon . . .

Thomas Kinkade! But how ever was Ducky to catch him? She was about to start caterwauling (ha!) when, like a flash, Cricket appeared bolting up behind her. Cricket headbutted Duck up into the air so that Ducky did a flip and wound up standing on Cricket's back. As she was running, Cricket launched onto the mountain goat, used him as a spring board, and flew through the sky! They landed directly next to Thomas Kinkade on the balloon.
"I say!" he yelled.
"No! We say!" Cricket yelled back.
"What? I'm confused."
"Stop running!" Cricket shouted.
Ducky had a death grip around Cricket.
"I'm not running! You stop following! I'm allergic to cats."
"No you're not," said Cricket.
"I'm not?"

The balloon landed and Cricket, Ducky, and Thomas Kinkade decided to go out to dinner and talk about all their adventure.

The End.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cricket and the Red High Heels Ch. 3

Cricket ignored Moses after he listed #32 of his cats (who, by the way, was named Neil). She instead began to enjoy the beautiful Colorado scenery. Majestic mountains. Golden plains. Green gators. It made her want to sing-Wait a minute! Green gators?? There aren't any alligators in Colorado! And while Cricket was thankful that they were gators, rather than crocodiles (far cuter in her book, what with their slender noses, freshwater tendencies, darker black skin, and upper jaw that gracefully accommodates the lower), she still wasn't quite happy that the gators were swimming around her while she was in the water.
As she watched and Moses droned on, she began to hear a distant song...
. . .
A song that Cricket had grown up with. A song that was connected to her soul. The Man from the Snowy River theme song!! (its such a good song its called Jessica's Theme, you should look it up . . . now). Cricket closed her eyes. A grin spread across her face like butter on toast and a fang popped festively out of her top lip making her look juvenile. She was remember . . .

The Hare: Ch. 5

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for this service message. We at The Birthday Skunks do not endorse Fleabler cruelty in anyway. Please do not harm your fleas. Thank you.

A crashed hair! I mean, Hare! His tiny little jet was crumpled and smoking and the Hare was toppled over out of it, one leg bent inside. He looked like a rag doll minus the stuffing. When Magnum saw this horrendous crash site, his tiny Fleabler heart swelled with compassion and terror. And that's a lot of stress to put on a heart that could fit inside of a freckle.
The Hare groaned and turned towards Magnum. He was wearing goggles and a silk scarf.
"AAAIIEEEEE!!!!!" the Fleabler shrieked in terror.
"AAAIIEEEEE!!!!!" the Hare replied.
"Why are you screaming?!" Magnum wailed.
"I don't know! Why are you screaming?!" the Hare replied.
They both stopped screaming.
"I think I broked my leg," said the Hare.
"Broked? I think you might have sustained a head injury as well."
"Ha! That's what you think! We Fleablers don't get hurt!"
"...FLEABLERS??" Magnum wondered.
He slowly began to realize that the Hare must have really bumped his head and now thought he was a Fleabler! What was a Flea to do...
. . .
Magnum yelled "SHOTGUN!" (which is a phrase you can yell almost anywhere except a crowded music theater - i cannot take credit for that . . . im watching psych.) Anyways, after Magnum yelled shotgun for reasons unknown to me. . .the hare who now thinks he's a Fleabler fainted. Magnum inched closer to the hare. He reached the hare's ears first, which seemed normal, then he tippy toed down the ears to the face. Then suddenly . . .