Meet the B-DAY Skunks

[this is the less ugly me]

This is Dana
Dana likes to put up really ugly pictures of herself (and Kelly, who later removes said pictures and replaces them with only moderately ugly pictures).

Dana likes to draw and paint terrifyingly wonderful pictures, usually without eyes. They scare small children, making them all the more endearing. (The paintings, that is, not the children.)

Dana was born on St. Patrick's Day. Some people believe that since she wasn't wearing green when she was born, her father pinched her tiny head between his thumb and first finger until it turned green, possibly explaining some of her quirks.

Dana have I loved.


this is kelly.
kelly is a bird. she likes to pretend she is human. she has a bird
cage for a bed {thats half true} and likes to chase cats.
(i took this picture of her in target.)
kelly has 2 middle names. i will only tell you one: ANN.
kelly is a writer and a reader and an artist of the pens and paints.
she has an amazing ability of drawing animals and fashion.
she always smells good except for when she doesn't
ALTHOUGH some may think kelly is quiet and sweet....
boy they are in for a real treat.
kelly has 2 cats and a sister.
Kelly and Dana have over 123,092,992,098.8 inside jokes
with each other.
KELLY is loved by DANA