Thursday, July 14, 2011

Meerkat Minor, Ch. 6

Malcolm blinked twice and quickly gave Mr. Foximus the once over. He noticed the fox was a very tall slender mammal. His tail was as thick and poofy as a grand piano on a muggy summer day in New Orleans and his eyes were a soft brownish yellow. A burlap looking cream colored shirt covered in spots of paint draped over his shoulders and harem style trousers with a rather stuffed deep brown leather belt wrapped around his waist. There were feathers, paint brushes, beads, and other odd things spilling out of his belt, all clinking together while he shifted his weight back and forth as he stood there.

Although it may seem like Malcolm had stopped and stared at Sethimus Foximus for quite some time, it was only a matter of seconds in between the time Sethimus had said hello to Malcolm and when Malcolm had replied.

"Uh . . . Hello Sir." Malcolm uttered.

Malcolm was quite exhausted from the unexpected excitement of the day. He slumped back into the arm chair as Major Heggs waved Sethimus Foximus into the house. The two old friends scampered into the kitchen and began making a considerable amount of noise banging pots and pans about as if they were in a badly rehearsed school marching band.

Malcolm did not even try to get up and see what was going on. He was stricken by a sudden fit of sleepiness, which he forgot was a side effect from his eye drops. The last thing he he remembered was a smell. He was unsure if the smell was good or bad, but it filled his nose holes right before he dozed off.

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