Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Meerkat Minor Ch. 8

As Malcolm swam his way to the mysterious tree gap, he noticed the grass becoming more full and glorious beyond his imagination! He began to leap after every other step and soon he was practically flying like a spotted deer. His mind darted from thought to thought of what could be waiting beyond the trees. Perhaps the ocean, he had only heard stories of the ocean, how exciting it would be to see the ocean! Or maybe a tiny cottage filled with Bit-O-Honey and Swedish Fish! OR . . . it might be a grand Icelandic castle with a big deep moat filled with fearsome creatures and houdstooth tapestries (the tapestries would obviously be in the castle not in the moat).

I would like to paws (pun intended) and slide a tidbit of useful information in your direction about Malcolm's feet. From his day of birth he has had extremely sensitive foot pads, which he would tell you is a blessing and a curse. He was always able to tell the exact ingredients of whatever he was standing on, whether it be granite rocks or pine wood shavings. And with that morsel of information, I will now continue with the story. Malcolm began to notice a strange consistency in the soil that danced between his toes as each foot beat the ground. A plastic synthetic feeling he had only ever felt while miniature golfing with his cousins in Trinidad. As he got closer he began to get dizzy and the strange feeling in his toes became worse. Suddenly without warning everything went black, but not just black, Malcolm was unconscious but still vertical. He had slammed straight into something, but it would not be until he regained consciousness that he would realize he slammed straight into a giant wall.

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kralitabow said...

Is it just me or does Dana sound like she was hungry when she wrote this?